Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Happy April Fools! I havn't posted anything in a loooooong time. I have not been feeling like blogging at all. I'm barely getting comments for my work so I really don't feel like anyone is reading this thing. So maybe if I start getting more people on here I will feel like blogging. Happy it's spring?! I sure am. I am so sick of this bitter cold winter weather. But, it may be snowing on my spring break next week. :/ Hopefully not. I did not get a chance with editing all of these photos like I would want to. It took me ten minutes just to do two so I quit. Picnik has been so slow lately. I need to get my pictures available for downloading on this computer. Hopefully I will have a lot of scrapbooking done and pictures over spring break. Enjoy all these things I have been working on! It is very picture heavy. (Which I love) I loveeee comments! (:
Sketch used for the suprise card

Suprise card close up

Suprise card

Merci card close up. Created today(:

Merci card.

4U close up

4U card

Celebrating good times close up

Celebrating good times card.

It's all about dedication....Thanks for checking it out. Hope you got some inspiration (:

7 comments that have made my day...:

Kazan Clark said...

Britt I certainly got inspiration - I love all your cards and specifically the outline of the first one and the ribbon flower.
there are days when comments are kind of slow but do keep blogging and posting your work because it is fabulous and would be a shame not to share.

Kazan Clark said...

oh yes and I wanted to say that the photography of those puppies in the previous post is really stunning!

Anonymous said...

Love love love your take on the sketch!! And fabulous page....

Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Oh loving your cards! will be back to see your work for sure!

cheryln said...

fabulous work!

Savitri said...

Super cute cards you have here. Love the bright colors!

I blogged because I wanted to share my crafty stuff. Then I started getting all these wonderful blog friends and we'd visit each others' sites regularly and comment on each others' work. I must say I don't comment/visit a whole lot of blogs each day. I wish I can but with work, family, and craft time I have an hour left to browse and comment so I don't get a ton of comments either. But, I still enjoy sharing my work and just assume that everybody's busy like me and they all just comment when they can :)

~amy~ said...

Britt...great projects!!! don't give up on the it for yourself to document your changes in style and have a place/portfolio of your magnificent work...I agree with Savitri...before you know'll be visiting regular blogs and they'll visit you..but some days work and life get in the way of blogging...hang in there!!!